Thursday, January 10, 2008

Topeka Genealogical Society Announces Programs for 2008

Topeka Genealogical Society meetings are held at the society library, 2717 SE Indiana, Topeka, KS at 7:00 p.m., The public is invited to all programs. The schedule for the 2008 meetings is as follows.

23 Jan Genealogy, "Question and Answer Panel"
Rachella Briggs, TGS Member
Eadie Flickinger, TGS Member
Larry Henderson, TGS Member
Rita Neely, TGS Member

27 Feb Call the Coroner, I'am Dead!
Dr. Donald Pojman, Deputy Coroner of Shawnee County

26 Mar Tracking Shawnee County Casualties of World War I
David Murray, TGS Member

26 Apr Conference

28 May Cremation: "Where's My Grandma Now!"
Fred Holroyd, Vice Pres.Community Development

25 June "Is the Remian's in the Closet?" Dan Werner, Property Manager

23 July Kansas Pop Bottles With Privy Diggings
Jim Ricketts

27 Aug Vote for Sam, Third War Governor of Kansas
Herschel and Jacque Stroud, TGS Members

24 Sept My Amazing Trip!
Charles Fantz, TGS Member

22 Oct Share your Genealogy at SHOW (items) and TELL (stories)
All TGS Members


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