Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parmelia and Pluma Bailey

Is anyone out there interested in a file folder of family information for John Aberne(a)thy's family and the collateral family of John LaBore? The wives of these families were sisters, Parmelia and Pluma Bailey. Most of the family lived in Wisconsin, but at least three groups came to Kansas to Cawker, Ft Scott, and Salina.

Some of the persons were born in Canada and some in Vermont. Names included are Smith, Brown, Gilbert, Dugas, Duvall, Edgar
Shadowen, Hardwicke.

Also in the file are four photographs: Eliza Nattier, Celenie Nattier, widow of Arthur Nattier, and a baby possibly Lillian Nattier, plus one of the farm home of Lorenz and Aurora Nattier Junker, which was four miles east of Neodesha, Kansas. The Nattier story is that Aurora was born near Clunny (sp) France in 1843 and came to America with her mother Victorine Nattier, about 1856 after her father, mayor of Autreville, France, had been recently assassinated They first went to a farm in Wisconsin near Port Washington. Aurora later married Lorenz Junker, b Germany. They moved to Ft Scott, Kansas in 1870, and then to Neodesha that same year. They were accompanied by Albertine Nattier daughter of Emile and Eliza Nattier, the girl being Aurora's niece.

Aurora, her mother and her husband are buried in Bethel Cemetery. Is that Neodesha?

This material was rescued at an estate sale in Riley County and is available for anyone who has a connection to these families or who will give it a home in their library. email


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