Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WeRelate and Ancestry

From FGS conference.

The Dallan Quass discussion of Discovering WeRelate < > was really interesting. WeRelate is the world's largest genealogy wiki. A wiki website is where anyone can edit or add information quickly. Pages are created collaboratively. It is Wikipedia for genealogists. Gedcoms may be uploaded, information about how and where to look for data. Our cousins might upload some information about the people we have been researching, maybe the very dates, places, connections that have been eluding us for a long time. If someone adds something to an article in an effort to correct it, i.e. perhaps claims the wrong ancestor, and we know their information is faulty, it is possible to correct the error. A discussion can be held with those cousins and information can be shared. A history of all the changes made is kept. Managers monitor the site against vandalism. All this is free for downloading also.

Ancestry is offering FREE access to all its databases through December 21. Also they are giving new subscribers $10 off the annual subscription so it costs $49.95. Subscribers will receive a Free Ancestry Reference Library CD-ROM.(contains 15 genealogy reference books)

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Dallan said...

Thank-you for the nice comment! (The url for WeRelate is btw; is a different genealogy wiki containing research tips sponsored by FamilySearch.)