Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Message from KCGS President

Dear members,

I have been thinking about how we can make your state society more useful to you. Your KCGS board is always open to ideas that will help us become more viable.

Do your societies post or publish or both the obituaries from your area? Do you use your websites to post indices of your publications? Do you solicit queries for research? Do you take advantage of the free websites Helen will help you set up?

We have this KCGS website with this blog for members to use. Helen, our webmaster asks us to send her our contributions so that she can get them posted correctly. Responses are welcomed as well. We would like to post obits and other news of our members, for example. Here is an opportunity for idea exchange and so on. Not only would we like everyone to read it, but also to contribute to it.

We also have a space on Facebook that we encourage members to join. We are encouraging all societies to go digital as much as possible. Newsletters can be sent that way and websites can be used for soliciting research requests and for advertising the publications we have for sale. I am not comfortable with journals going digital because there are still genealogists who do not use computers or who have slow internet connections and who would rather have a hard copy to read that they do not have to download and print, but the increasing cost of postage and printing may make that necessary, too.

As president I would like to attend some society meetings for feedback and to bring communications. I need dates and places ahead of time so I can plan my trips.

I put out the newsletter whenever there is something to communicate and we are publishing the Review as well. Both Ruth and I would welcome contributions to those publications from our readership. My supply of society newsletters from which I can draw information, has diminished severely. I do not know if that is because fewer are being published or perhaps just not being sent to us. What I receive come mostly from the same societies located here in the eastern part of the state. Our newsletter should be a place where members can get the word out about new publications, special programs, and projects, etc. Putting out newsletters electronically is cost free and can be done as often as we need to. If you would like to email me yours, my address is

We have learned that we cannot continue to advertise in the national journals as our funds are limited. We would like all member societies to help us advertise our Forgotten Settlers project in their own publications. A camera ready ad can be had for the asking. This project is not so much for earning income for the state society as it is for advertising to the world our Kansas heritage, for encouraging those with Kansas ancestors to be able to give them recognition.

Please feel free to give us any feedback and most of all ideas of how we can become more of a helpful entity.

Janeice Crosson
President KCGS

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