Thursday, August 22, 2013

Genealogy Roadshow

PBS announced in May that thy will have the new series, Genealogy Roadshow, in their fall lineup. MHGS is happy to be a sponsor of this program which will start on Monday September23 at 8:00-9:00 our time on KPTS. This show will run for four Mondays through October 14. This series will be part detective story, part emotional journey, and will combine history and science to uncover fascinating stories of diverse Americans. Each individual's past will line to a larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of America. 
Genealogy Roadshow's premiere season will feature participation from Four American cities - Nashville, Austin, Detroit and San Francisco - who want to explore unverified genealogical claims, passed down through family history, that may or may not connect them to an event or historical figure. Genealogy experts will work with the participants chosen and will use DNA, family heirlooms, letters, pictures, historical documents and other clues to hunt down more information. 
MHGS will hold a "Watch Party" at the Society Library at 1203 North Main each Monday evening of the Genealogy Roadshow. We will open the library at 7:30 p.m. and attendance is free. We do need to know how many are interested in the "Watch Party" so we can plan seating and get everything ready. Make your reservations by calling 316 264-3611 or e-mail

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